A line of  wood ash gives it an exceptional taste of fresh farmer butter.


Accompaniment:  Dessert with cake and lemon poppy seed.  Ice cider.  White Port.  Aromatic and mellow wines as Chardonnay.  Fruity and light wines as Pinot Grigio, Bourgogne Aligoté. White beer.

Service: Chambrer 30 minutes.

Milk Pasteurized cow’s milk
Texture Soft cheese
Rind Bloomy rind
Ripening period 30 days
Fat 26%
Moisture 50%
Size 150g – 300g
Wheel 1,4 kg about
british-empire-chesse-show american-cheese-society british-empire-chesse-show
Gold medal British Empire Cheese, december 2008 Bronze medal American Cheese Society, august 2011 Silver medal British Empire Cheese, november 2014