We are a cheesemaking couple,
Guy Dessureault and Lise Mercier.

We are dreamers, curious, idealistic, passionate, ambitious, creative and above all in love. Our cheeses are made in 100% without added substances dairy cow milk.

All our creations and our only wish is to delight your taste buds

Deliciously yours.

The love for my job as a dairy farmer has led me to develop and process raw materials: MILK.

At that time, the cheese factory had a small cheese production. Make cheese to bloomy rind soft cheese raw milk and the milk of a single herd of Ayrshires… the total what! I looked around and I was told: ‘ it’s impossible to do… and well, that’s what I’ll do!

Then was born: the ash meadows, my first creation and what a creation!

Buying high quality equipment, renovating it to get our federal certification (ACIA) and creating other unique and distinctive cheeses.

We are ready to conquer your heart and especially your taste buds.


The cheese became a marvel, beautiful and representative of the terroir quebecois chic and elegant.

This cheese factory we have imagined and designed with love has become a strong company that makes us walk head high and proud both in Québec and abroad.